Handling your addiction is not as easy as “deciding to no longer do it”- especially if it is a response to pain- and addictions are exactly that. Addictions act as a distraction to deal with and reduce pain. Humans will do anything to avoid feeling pain. In the end, however, it only leads to more pain and obsession.

Most people tend not to understand addiction and what it can do to you. Instead, it’s dismissed as a “wrong choice” or a “bad decision” - and while it can lead to that, addiction stems from unaddressed trauma. In order to continue avoiding the core trigger, we tend to find escape in substances. Another Light is equipped with trauma-informed therapists who help you work towards breaking the addiction cycle. While we very much put the onus on the person with an addiction, we also acknowledge the responsibility that the system around them have. Stigma via these systems often don’t address the pain that comes with addiction and fail to recognize people with addictions as human. Another Light takes into account the person as well as the context, in order to provide therapy that helps on your journey to wellness.