How long is a session?

A session is typically 60 minutes long. However, we can take a break at any point if we feel it is difficult to go on for the day. Or, if you need more time with us, you’re welcome to book back-to-back sessions too!

How can I book a session?

There are a lot of ways to book sessions! You could press the call button and get in touch. However, if you’d rather text, you could always drop us a message on either WhatsApp or even send an email.

Do I need therapy?

YES!! EVERYBODY always needs therapy! It never harms especially if you have a good therapist. Regards if you have landed on this page and are searching for a therapist you do need it. Come in for a session and we will figure out it together.

What are some of symptoms of trauma?


What is Trauma?

Simply put, it is a response to distressing event/ experience which overwhelms us or makes us emotionally numb.  The trauma systems are:

Is my information safe with you?

Yes. Your therapist only shares your case information in terms of technical specifics and challenges with their supervisor, to learn how to help you better. No one apart from a qualified mental healthcare professional will know your case history. Not even your family.

Is therapy difficult?

Yes. No. Yes, and no. There’s no simple way of answering this. The difficulty level of therapy is largely dependent on the issue you’re facing. I promise one thing:  You’ll leave feeling lighter than you felt when you came in.

I’m overwhelmed by coming for therapy alone. Can I bring a friend/family member?

Yes. Though we’d prefer that you come in for a one-on-one, we understand that trying out therapy or a new therapist can seem scary. If you feel you can’t cope without a familiar face in the room, your friend/family member is welcome to join in for the first session.

Can we talk even when my session is over?

Yes. Your therapist is available to deal with any crisis you face when you’re away from them. However, due to professional commitments, there may be a time when they’re unable to converse with you beyond your sessions.

Does my therapist have a therapist?

Yes. Everyone needs help, especially the ones who provide it. Having a therapist is quite like having a medical doctor or an accountant — everyone needs one for their life to function smoothly. Going to a therapist is more common than you’d think,.