I am Aanchal, If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about exploring therapy either for yourself for your loved one. Well you have landed on Aanchal's website, therapy can be scary and you might want to exit this website right now, I urge you to wait a bit and explore this website and see if we can help you. I want to let you know that we are here for you and we care about you and your experiences. You can speak your mind to us and we won't judge you.


I believe that individuals aren't the problem but systems and structures that the world is built on is the problemi!! I have an intersectional feminist lens of trauma, gender, sexuality and addiction. I have worked with trauma and been a specialist and a participant in several seminars that talk about the importance of trauma-informed therapists who not only know about addiction or the queer community, but actively learn about them in order to lay out the best possible plan for individuals. I don't believe in a lot of the traditional ways of therapy, where therapy only needs to be a serious affair. I believe in making therapy a more friendly, fun and a safe space.

I love the use of humour and dark humour in sessions in addition to that I use the method of blowing bubbles, smelling perfume, and playing basketball as grounding techniques. I am a wounded healer and as someone who has been through quite a few traumatic events since my childhood I have realized that information about mental health has been safeguarded and regulated.... when it definitely shouldn't be. I work towards making information available for those who might not be able to access or afford therapy at a point of time- all in the hopes of making a difference bigger than myself.

I understand that you might think that therapy is your worst case scenario for you but let me tell you that's not true. If you feel the slightest bit overwhelmed, you could still opt for therapy. In fact, your therapist is in therapy as well. Everyone goes through emotions that are difficult to process, including your therapist simply because we're human. Going to therapy does not have to be a serious and sombre affair. Why don't we play a round of catch, maybe spin a basketball, we could even put on some music- whatever works best for you. People around me know me as Puppy Queer.

I am energetic, fun, and playful and well I am definitely queer as I don't conform to the gender and sexuality norms of the world and at the same time I don't feel any other labels do justice to me so I have chosen to make my own label.


Over the course of her career, Aanchal has trained students of several colleges in and out of Mumbai such as


Extending beyond educational institutions, I have also trained over 100 doctors with Doctors For A Cause, and 25 nurses of BMC hospitals in Mumbai arranged by Cehat. Along with MHI, I co-created the QACP (Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice- an effort that urged125 therapists from 27 different cities to work towards reorienting themselves and actively work towards creating queer-affirming spaces for therapy. I have been course creator and trainer at two C.A.S.S.A programs at the Plane Jar Welfare Foundation which helps in training young adults to become peer supporters.

In 2019 I founded Another Light Counselling- a space that aimed to be just that for those struggling with gender, sexuality, trauma and addiction. Therapy has so far catered to cis-heteronormative ideals; I actively aim to challenge these structures and encourage other mental health practitioners to do the same.

Additionally, I have been a guest lecturer at iCall to help train and set up a government helpline specifically for issues revolving around gender and sexuality. I also provided training for peer counselling for survivors against ttb and was featured in an article in the Sunday Times, providing counselling in the form of grounding techniques and advice.